Influence of Nursery Technique and Growing Media on Seedling Growth and Field Performance of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.)

Ranjit Chatterjee, Dipika Mal


Quality seedling can ensure higher crop yield. The present investigation was carried out at UBKV, West Bengal, India during winter season of 2010-11 and 2011-12 to access the impact of seedling raising method and nutrient sources on growth, quality and vigour of cabbage seedling and subsequent performance in the main field. The treatments consisted of two different growing techniques viz. open field and plug tray container and four different nutrient sources like farmyard manure (3 kg m-2), vermicompost (2 kg m-2), farmyard manure with biofertilizer and vermicompost with biofertilizer. Thus, 8 treatment combinations were laid out in two factors Randomized Block Design (RBD) with three replications. The results revealed that seedlings raised in plug trays surpassed the open field seedling for different seedling attributes and recorded higher germination percentage (97.12), plant height (15.84 cm), number of leaves plant-1 (4.83), leaf chlorophyll (47.29 SPAD value) and seedling vigour (2383). Vermicompost emerged as better growth medium over farmyard manure for most of the seedling growth attributes. Seedling raised in plug trays container using vermicompost (2 kg m-2) inoculated with Azophos biofertilizer as nutrient source emerged as promising combination and registered maximum germination (98.68%), seedling height (17.59 cm), leaf chlorophyll content (49.37 SPAD value) and seedling vigour index (2620). The same combination also recorded highest heading (100%), maximum head weight (1506 g) and head yield (38.39 t ha-1) in the main field.


Cabbage; Seedling growth; Plug tray; biofertilizer; vermicompost Growth Media

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